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Acquario Neo DIY Co2 Kit

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Aquario NEO DIY CO2 Kit is the perfect CO2 system for beginners. Carbon is an important nutrient needed by plants to grow. The best way to supply your plants with the carbon they need is through carbon dioxide (CO2). The Aquario NEO DIY CO2 Kit is the perfect solution to your CO2 needs. The simple instructions and ease of use allow any beginner or experienced hobbyist to achieve the best plant growth by introducing CO2 to their aquarium. The Aquario NEO DIY CO2 Kit utilizes a natural and proven concept to provide the right amount of CO2 suitable for planted aquariums for up to 50-60 days. We recommend using one bottle for every 20 gallons of water, so if your tank is larger, multiple bottles can be used concurrently.     

This kit comes with everything you need to start injecting CO2 to your aquarium: 

1 x NEO CO2 Bottle

1 x NEO CO2 Bio Powder

1 x Aquario NEO CO2 Diffuser

1 x CO2 Tubing

2 x Suction Cups

1 x O-Ring