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Bucephalandra Catherinae

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Bucephalandra is a new genus to the aquarium world within the last few years.  It has become very popular, for good reason.  It is not difficult to grow and is extremely decorative.

Bucephalandra is usually found in nature growing on rocks along the edge of fast-flowing streams, where it can be found both under water and above the surface, under fast-changing conditions.  When above the water, it requires very high humidity to remain healthy. The care and use of Bucephalandra 'Green Wavy' is much like the care and use of Anubias in the aquarium.  It is hardy, and tolerant of very low light levels.  It is typically attached to either wood or stone in the aquarium, because the roots are quite short, and it does not like to have the rhizome buried.  However, if you can manage to get it planted in a loose substrate in a way that just the roots are buried, it can do very well that way too.

Family Name:            Araceae

Native To:                  Borneo

Lighting:                    Low

Requirements:           Undemanding

Growth Form:             Spreading rhizome

Growth Rate:              slow

True Aquatic:              Does well in aquariums and also in humid terrariums

Placement in Tank:    Foreground or atached to hardscape

Available As:               Bare root and Tissue Culture