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Indian Almond Leaves (Terminalia catappa)

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Indian Almond Leaves (Terminalia catappa)

  • A popular addition to the aquarium hobby, known for its natural tannins and beneficial properties for aquarium inhabitants
  • Leaves release beneficial tannins and other organic compounds that can help improve water quality and promote health for aquatic creatures
  • Can also be used as a natural food source for certain aquarium inhabitants

Care Requirements:

  • Simply add Indian Almond Leaves to the aquarium, where they will slowly break down and release their beneficial compounds
  • Remove any leaves that become too small to continue releasing tannins, or if the water becomes too stained for your taste
  • Leaves will naturally decompose over time, so it is recommended to replace them periodically.


  • Safe for use with a variety of freshwater and brackish aquarium inhabitants, including fish, shrimp, and snails
  • May not be suitable for very delicate or sensitive species, so it is best to research the specific requirements of your aquarium inhabitants before using Indian Almond Leaves.

Plant Info:

  • Type: Natural Material
  • Origin: Southeast Asia
  • Growth Rate: N/A
  • Height: N/A
  • Light Demand: N/A
  • CO2: N/A