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AZOO Max Breed Shrimp 20g Flat Sticks

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AZOO Max Breed Shrimp – 20 g flat sticks for small shrimp

-Boosts shrimp immunity

-Provides nutrients to enhance shrimp color and rapid growth

-Unique, flat wafer

AZOO Max Breed is specifically formulated for shrimp growth but with added breeding stimulation providing well balanced nutrition while boosting shrimp immunity. Rich in spirulina, shrimp meal, kelp, and lecithin, Max Breed provides nutrients to enhance shrimp color and rapid growth. The unique flat wafer like stick can be placed in VIV glass feeding trays or on the gravel without fouling the gravel like many types of food. Specifically made with a strong consistency, it won’t crumble and make the water cloudy.

Directions: Feed 2-3 times daily, each time with the amount that can be fully consumed within 30 minutes. Can be broken into smaller sizes for adequate feeding amount