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Proserpinaca palustris 'Cuba' (Mermaid Weed)

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Proserpinaca palustris 'Cuba' (Mermaid Weed)

  • A versatile and hardy species of aquatic plant
  • Known for its bright green leaves and delicate appearance
  • Can be kept in a variety of environments, including freshwater aquariums, ponds, and natural water features

Care Requirements:

  • Requires moderate lighting, good water circulation, and a nutrient-rich substrate
  • Temperatures between 68-82°F (20-28°C) are ideal
  • Can benefit from regular fertilization and pruning to promote healthy growth


  • Can coexist with a variety of other aquatic plants, fish, and invertebrates
  • Best kept in a planted aquarium or natural water feature with plenty of space for growth and an appropriate balance of light, water circulation, and nutrients.

Plant Info:

  • Type: Aquatic Plant
  • Origin: Unknown
  • Growth Rate: Moderate
  • Height: Can reach up to 30 cm (12 in)
  • Light Demand: Moderate to High
  • CO2: Required for optimal growth and health