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Rotala macrandra 'Magenta' Bunch

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Rotala macrandra “Narrow leaf” is is very similar in growth demands to the “normal” Rotala macrandra.

This plant is very variable in nature, an Narrow leaf” form grown by Florida Aquatic Nurseries gives aquarists another leaf form in a brightly colored stem to work with in their aquascape. Rotala macrandra “Narrow leaf” demands at least moderate light levels and it must have supplemental CO2 and good nutrition or it will be prone to melting, and will never look its best. Under good conditions, however, the plant is breath-taking and a fast grower.

Common Name:     

Family Name:          Lythraceae

Native To:                Southern India

Lighting:                 Moderate to intense

Requirements:        Demanding supplemental CO2 and good nutrient support

Growth Form:         Stem

Growth Rate:          Fast under good conditions 

True Aquatic:           Yes

Placement in Tank:  Background, or mid-ground with regular trimming

Available As:             Bunch