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Sip and Scape Aquascaping Classes

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Aquascaping classes are here!  In our Sip and Scape classes you will learn how to build aquascapes or aquascaping elements for your aquarium. Bring friends, family, snacks and beverages, and lets have some fun!

(p.s. alcoholic beverages are ok as long as the individuals consuming them are 21+, and transportation is arranged responsibly. Please, no hard liquor.)

Class slots will be limited, so reserve your spot as soon as possible. If you would like to bring a group (over 4 people), we can arrange for a private session to accommodate your party.

Plates, cups, paper towels, cooler, and utensils will be provided.



One of the top questions we get in-store is how to attach epiphytes like anubias, bucephalandra, and mosses to hardscape. Well, come take a class and build one along with our instructor! The best part? You go home with some new aquarium décor!

 $40/person (covers the cost of materials)


Wine Glass Wabi Kusa

Wabi Kusa are balls of soil, moss and substrate that you partially submerge in water in order to grow aquatic plants in their emersed form.  In this class you will learn how to mix substrate, build a Wabi Kusa ball, and add plants. Care instructions will be provided for when you take your creation home - inside of a wine glass!  

Wabi Kusa $40/person (covers the cost of materials)


Hardscape Like a Pro

The backbone of any successful aquascape is the hardscape; rocks and/or wood form the structure that plants and fish will occupy. A hardscape can make or break the cohesiveness of any layout. Come learn how to hardscape like a pro! Bring materials from home, or come practice with the mountain of items our store has to offer. You are not obligated to buy the hardscape you create, but at the very least you will leave with some new aquascaping skills.