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Spiderwood is a light weight hardscape option that has a very unique look, resembling that of a tree with many tangled and twisted branches. This wood is perfect for attaching anubias, ferns, moss and buce to as there are plenty of little crevasses to wedge your plants into. Small fish and shrimp love this wood as it provides plenty of hiding spaces.


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Place the piece of spiderwood in your aquascape as desired. Can add plants such as anubias, ferns, moss and buce directly on the wood if desired by gluing, tying or simply gently wedging the plants into crevasses just enough for the plants to stay (ensuring not to squish or damage the plant in the process).


  • Soak the piece of wood in water prior to placing in your scape to ensure it is properly waterlogged and will not float when you fill the aquarium with water.
  • If soaking is not an option you can weigh the wood down with a rock in the mean time.
  • Spiderwood can help lower the PH naturally.
  • It is normal for a white fungus to appear on the wood for a short time after being in water for a little bit. This is a perfectly natural and harmless process, fish and shrimp will enjoy eating it as well!
  • Wood in general can leech tannins into the water which is healthy for your aquatic life but can give your water a brown or yellow tint. Boiling the wood prior to use can help reduce this effect greatly. Frequent water changes can also reduce the tinting of the water.
  • Spiderwood releases less tannins than other types of wood.
  • Shrimp love spiderwood as it provides a ton of surface area for bio-film and bacterial growth, offers a ton of hiding places and is a natural feeding ground. If you are looking to breed shrimp, we highly recommend this wood.


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