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Tropica Nutrition Capsules

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Tropica’s Nutrition Capsules are root tab fertilizers which provide an extra nutrient supply to your fast growing rooted plants. They contain nitrogen, phosphor, iron and micro nutrients that are slowly released over a 1 to 2 month period, as the plants need them.


  • 10 Capsules (Per Pack)


Use tweezers to place a capsule in the substrate/sand/gravel close to the roots of fast growing plants. Repeat every 2 months.


  • Replant capsules every 2 months.
  • Avoid planting right up against the glass.
  • The gel capsule will dissolve in water after a few minutes.
  • Each capsule will roughly cover a 5”x5” area.
  • Great to use for aged planted tanks were the substrate is no longer providing a lot of nutrients.
  • Can be used in both nutrient rich and inert substrates.
  • The small resin balls inside the capsule will not decompose but are harmless from a biological standpoint.