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Welcome to Aquarium Roots, your premier source for aquarium plants, tissue cultures, and nano fish. Founded in 2020 as the first specialty aquascaping retailer on the East Coast, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse selection of high-quality aquascaping supplies to enhance any aquarium setup. Our expert team is dedicated to helping you perfect your aquatic landscape, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned enthusiast. Explore our range, read our insightful blog articles, or reach out with any questions as you embark on or continue your aquascaping journey. Dive into Aquarium Roots and create the underwater world of your dreams!


Best store in the area! I come all the way from an hour away because no stores can beat their quality and price. They have a lot of fish species that are hard to find, and the best aquascaping selections. Highly recommend!

Jessica K.

Great products that are hard to find, comprehensive selection of stone and wood, some unique healthy looking fish and an owner who obviously had a passion for all that the shop encompasses. If you love aquascaping and fish this is a great escape!

Ande Y.

Great prices and extremely knowledgeable on fish and plants. They focus on aquascapes and have incredible selections to build any kind of tank that you may want to make.

Leon T.