Assassin Snails: The Perfect Solution to Your Pest Snail Problem

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Assassin Snails: The Perfect Solution to Your Pest Snail Problem

Snails are a common problem in aquariums, and while they can be beneficial to the ecosystem, too many snails can quickly get out of control and lead to unwanted algae growth. That's where assassin snails come in. Assassin snails are a species of snail that feed on other snails, making them the perfect solution to your snail problem.

Benefits of Assassin Snails:

  • Natural Pest Control: Assassin snails are a natural and effective way to control the population of pest snails in your aquarium. They feed on other snails, helping to keep the population under control.

  • Low Maintenance: Assassin snails are low maintenance, making them a great addition to any aquarium. They do not require special care and can survive in a variety of water conditions.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing: Assassin snails are also aesthetically pleasing. They have a unique, spiral shell that adds character to your aquarium.

Caring for Assassin Snails:

  • Water Conditions: Assassin snails are adaptable to a wide range of water conditions, but they prefer a temperature between 72-78°F and a pH level between 7.0-7.5.

  • Feeding: Assassin snails will feed on other snails in your aquarium, but they can also be fed a variety of other foods, including blanched vegetables, sinking pellets, and algae wafers.

  • Housing: Assassin snails do not need a specific type of housing, but they do need a place to hide. Providing a shelter, such as a cave or a piece of driftwood, is important for their well-being.

Currently in Stock:

We currently have a great selection of assassin snails in stock. If you are struggling with a snail problem in your aquarium, come visit us and see how assassin snails can help!

Assassin snails are a great solution to your snail problem in your aquarium. They are low maintenance, aesthetically pleasing, and provide natural pest control. Come visit us in Green Brook NJ or at and see how assassin snails can benefit your aquarium!!

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