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Assassin Snails (Anentome helena)

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Assassin Snails (Anentome helena)

  • A popular species of snail in the aquarium hobby
  • Known for their unique appearance, with a spiral shell and a yellow and brown striped pattern
  • Often kept as a solution to control populations of pest snails in freshwater aquariums

Care Requirements:

  • Requires a well-maintained aquarium with a stable temperature and pH
  • Can be fed a variety of food sources, including algae, uneaten fish food, and decaying matter
  • Do not breed in high numbers and are unlikely to overrun an aquarium


  • Can coexist with a variety of other freshwater aquarium inhabitants, including fish and plants
  • May consume small snails, including common pest species like Malaysian trumpet snails and ramshorn snails

Snail Info:

  • Type: Snail
  • Origin: Southeast Asia
  • Growth Rate: Slow
  • Size: Can reach up to 2 cm (0.8 in) in length
  • Light Demand: Not applicable
  • CO2: Not applicable