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Azolla Filiculoides (Fairy Moss) 1/4 cup

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Introducing Azolla Filiculoides, also known as Fairy Moss, a fascinating floating aquatic plant that will add a touch of enchantment to your freshwater aquarium or pond. This delicate plant forms a beautiful green carpet on the water's surface, creating a lush and magical appearance.

Azolla Filiculoides is not your typical moss; it belongs to the fern family and reproduces quickly, making it an excellent choice for providing shade and shelter for small fish and aquatic creatures. Its intricate leaves have a fern-like appearance, and they can vary in color from bright green to reddish-brown, depending on the light and nutrient levels in the water.

This aquatic gem is incredibly easy to care for, as it requires minimal maintenance and no planting. Simply allow it to float on the water's surface, and it will quickly multiply, providing an attractive and beneficial addition to your aquascape.

Care Requirements:

Azolla Filiculoides thrives in freshwater environments with a temperature range of 15 to 28°C (59 to 82°F). It prefers low to medium lighting conditions, making it an ideal choice for shaded areas of your aquarium or pond.

As a floating plant, Azolla Filiculoides can absorb excess nutrients, helping to maintain water quality and preventing algae growth. It also offers a hiding place for fry and small aquatic creatures, creating a natural and ecologically balanced environment.

Compatibility: Azolla Filiculoides is a non-invasive plant and is generally compatible with a wide range of freshwater aquarium inhabitants. It can be kept alongside fish, shrimp, and other aquatic plants without any issues.

For an enchanting touch to your aquatic world, consider adding Azolla Filiculoides. Its unique and ethereal appearance will undoubtedly be a highlight in your aquarium or pond.

Type: Floating aquatic plant

Origin: Worldwide

Growth Rate: Rapid

Color: Green to reddish-brown

Temperature: 15 to 28°C (59 to 82°F)

Light Demand: Low to medium

CO2: Not required Fertilizer: Not required

Placement: Floating on the water's surface