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Madagascar Lace Plant (Aponogeton madagascar)

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The Madagascar Lace Plant has long, rounded leaves that look like delicate "lace" netting.   This plant can grow over 20 inches and makes a great centerpiece plant.  While this is not a beginner plant, it is much easier to keep than its reputation suggests.  Like many Aponogeton bulbs, the Madagascar Lace Plant must go through a “resting phase” in order to continue its life cycle for several years.  During this time it will shed most or all of its leaves.  Before this phase was understood, many people thought that their plant had died and probably threw it away.  However, when kept correctly, the plant bulb will begin sprouting new leaves a few weeks after the end of the resting phase, often growing larger and fuller than before.  

While most Aponogeton bulbs must be kept cool or even out of the aquarium in a moist container, the Madagascar Lace Plant bulb should be kept submerged and half buried in the substrate.  It also has the unique requirement of higher temperatures during its resting phase.  If the substrate is kept fertile with adequate water circulation, the bulb will sprout new leaves.  Outside of its summer resting phase, the Madagascar Lace Plant requires cooler water temperatures, as well as moderate to high water flow at all times.

Care Guidelines:

  • Temperature: 65° - 74° F (18° - 23° C), 76° - 82° F (24° - 27° C) during summer resting phase
  • pH: 6.5 - 7.5
  • Lighting: Moderate to high
  • Origin: Madagascar
  • Aquarium placement: Middle to background
  • Care: Moderate