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Nesaea pedicellata 'Golden' (Ammannia pedicellata)

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This plants was released by Florida Aquatic Nurseries in January 2009 for the first time to the aquarium trade.  This plant is a selection from Ammannia pedicellata and grows in similar conditions.  The main difference between the two plants is the brightly colored golden leaves.  These golden leaves are enhanced by a pink central stem that will give any planted aquarium new or old a bright new look.  The leaves of this plant will get quite long under ideal conditions, up to three or four inches, and flow gently in the current creating a great visual appeal.  You can choose to plant it in mass for a bright golden area or use it as single stems to highlight areas in the aquarium.  Whether new to the hobby or one who has seen it all this plant is interesting to all.

In the photo below, you can see this plant looking beautiful kept in soft water without supplemental CO2 by Sudipta Shaw.

Common Name:     Golden Nesaea

Family Name:          Lythraceae

Native To:                Tanzania, Mozambique

Lighting:                 Intense

Requirements:        Moderately demanding 

Growth Form:        Stem  

Growth Rate:         Moderately fast under good conditions  

True Aquatic:         Yes  

Placement in Tank: Mid-background with trimming  

Available As:            Bunch