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Rotala nanjenshan

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Rotala “Nanjenshan”

Rotala “Nanjenshan” is an interesting plant because even though it has been a popular aquarium plant for a number of years, we know nothing about it in the wild. It first entered the hobby via Japan, but it is not native there. It is suspected to come from a lake in the hills of southern Taiwan. But until it can be verified, both in terms of its origin and flowers obtained, we will not know for sure. In any case, Rotala “Nanjenshan” is a beautiful small-leafed species that grows into a dens bush with regular trimming, so is very useful in the mid-ground of the aquariumm. It does best with at least moderate light and supplemental CO2, like all Rotala sp., but is not as finicky or prone to melting as some species.

Common Name:     

Family Name:          Lythraceae

Native To:                Taiwan (probably)

Lighting:                 Moderate to high

Requirements:        Moderate, does best with supplemental CO2

Growth Form:         Stem

Growth Rate:          Fast 

True Aquatic:          Yes 

Placement in Tank:  Midground

Available As:             Bunch