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Rotala wallichii

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Rotala wallichii

Rotala wallichii is the most delicate looking of the Rotala species, and it can be problematic without excellent care; growing well for a while, then stunting. It must have at least moderate light, good supplemental CO2 and a steady, even supply of nutrients to prevent this. But it is a really beautiful species if given the opportunity to shine! Please keep in mind that Rotala wallichii and other very fine leafed plants are also tasty to animals that eat filamentous algae. So Amano shrimp and Siamese algae eaters will sometimes eat the tender leaves if they get hungry.

This is a plant with beautiful leaves and form when grown emersed, and a delightful pink flower. So it also is a great option for Wabi Kusa or well-lit terrariums.

Common Name:     

Family Name:          Lythraceae

Native To:                Tropical Asia

Lighting:                 Moderate - high

Requirements:        Fairly demanding, requires supplemental CO2 and good nutrient support

Growth Form:         Stem

Growth Rate:           Moderate

True Aquatic:           Yes

Placement in Tank:  Mid - Background

Available As:             Bunch