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Tiger Stripe Frogbit (1/8 Cup Portion)

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Scientific Name: Limnobium spongia

Frogbit is a native plant that can be floating or rooted. It occurs in many water types throughout Florida. It is only a few inches around, and the green heart shaped leaves resemble a miniature water lily that floats on the waters surface. The blossoms are 1/4inch, and are pale cream. Frogbit grows very easy and is great for surface coverage and algae elimination.

It is also used in aquariums, although it tends to stay much smaller. In aquarium use, care must be taken that it is not constantly dripped on by condensation from the aquarium lid. For this reason it often does better in open topped tanks.

Common Name:      Frogbit

Use: Floating, on ponds, tubs or aquariums

Flower Color: White

Leaf Color: Green

Height: 8"

Hardiness Zone: 6-10

Native To: North America

Available As: Bare Root